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General Questions

Do I have to be an E3 Member to attend?

No you don’t.  Non members can buy tickets.  However only members get members only discounts for the event.  Also only members get access to the VIP and add-on day tickets.

Can I park my RV or rig there?

Yes you can.  We have plenty of dedicated rv parking for up to 400 rigs and other overland and offroad rigs as well.   There is also water and electric hookup add-on from the venue.

Can I bring my own firearms for the range day?

We will supply firearms however, Yes you can bring your own firearms as well.  Keep in mind to follow all laws and make sure you are reciprocal with Texas if traveling into that state.

Are there hotel rooms close?

We have made arrangements with the closet hotel only minutes away for dedicated E3 event rooms and discounts.  If you choose to add on the offroad, range day or overland trips you will be 12 minutes from the main conference hotel for those add-on events.

Can I come early and stay later at the Merus event park?

Yes you can.  We have mad arrangements with Merus for Rv and Overlanders to stay on site days in advance as well as stay later.  You can also offroad, hike, and bike there as well as a member.  There are some extra fees to do so but we have made arrangements to keep the cost down for members.

How can I spend more time with the E3 Partners?

We have arranged for private meet and greet time for all VIP ticket holders to gain exclusive and more access to all partners.

Can i bring the kids?

Definitely we encourage it and we have made arrangements for children tickets at cost.

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